Most Trending Indian Wedding Videos

Most Trending Indian Wedding Videos

Trending Indian Wedding Videos

Wedding video trends have been changed nowadays. We at sadibyah seen many different trends and articles on the internet. Sadibyah brings an article to its readers.

Marrige video trends come and go. While a typical one with music and happy shots is always good, there are some new trends which look refreshing and new, and are probably here to stay!

So without further ado, let’s tell you what’s new in wedding videos!

A Slo-Mo Wedding Video

Slo-Mo is big off late, so why not incorporate into your wedding video? Preach Art says, “Slow motion is in these days, and adding raw moments is important too. We have started recording in slow motion as well as normal motion, and another thing we have started paying more attention to it the audio- music is great, but sometimes the natural audio with raw emotions works even better in places!”

A Stop-Motion Marriage Video

This is such a cool trend which is a mix of modern and retro! A stop-motion video is when a chronological arrangement of photos is is put together to give the appearance of movie footage. This would require a lot of creativity an illustrator to pull off well, so make sure to check with your videographer if they offer this form of video.

Wedding Blooper Reel

A wedding video with bloopers in the end- how fun is that? Happy Flashbacks says, “We add wedding bloopers in the end of the wedding films. We all know that Bidai makes us sad and emotional, thus placing a fun blooper in the end after an emotional part like bride’s Bidai can leave you lighter in the head. After all it should always be A ‘Happy Ending’!”

A Documentary-Style Wedding Video

A hand-held camera, some old grainy childhood videos and a raw non-glossy feeling. You could have it in a typical documentary style, or maybe like ‘Modern Family’, but at a wedding! It’s a new trend that’s one of our favourites!

Drone Shots in Wedding Videos

Top photography with drones is big these days, and incorporating them into your wedding video makes for a great start to it, especially to showcase the venue!

 A Music Wedding Video

Remember, this can look cheesy if not done right, so you have to be sure of your choice. But when done well, it can be so special and unique to you! It works well if you have some fun guests and include them too!

Trending Viral Wedding Video Challenges

Dubsmash was big a couple of years ago, and recently it has been Mannequin Challenges! Big all over the world these days, they have found a way in Indian weddings too, and are so fun since it involves everyone- right from the couple to the guests and even the crew!

A Proposal Wedding Video

It is one of the best moments of any relationship- the moment when it all starts! Unfortunately, we tend to forget the exact words that were exchanged, and that is why more and more couples are hiring a videographer to record the moment when the question was popped! It’s so special!

A Save-the-Date Wedding Video

A far cry from the humble Save-the-Date cards, ‘Save the Date’ videos are getting big in 2017! It’s a great way to still inform friends and family about the wedding, and with it getting super easy to send videos over Whatsapp, Insta and Facebook, something that’s gonna be bigger and better with time!

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