Types of Marriges

Partnerships have differing types around the globe. Kinds of wedding ceremonies aren’t to be mistaken with kinds of partnerships, as wedding ceremonies can of constitute differing types as reported by the community even when the kind of marriage is Monogamous. Types of marriage will also be culturally driven and various kinds of partnerships on the planet are prevalent among variant communities. The kinds of partnerships in sociology are as listed and described below.


It’s a type of marriage by which one man marries several ladies in a time. It’s of two sorts — Sororal polygyny and nonsororal polygyny

Sororal polygyny

It is a kind of marriage where the spouses are almost always the siblings. It’s frequently known as sororate.

Non-sororal polygyny

It is a kind of marriage where the spouses aren’t related as siblings.


It’s the marriage of 1 lady using more than one man. It’s less frequent than polygyny. It’s of two sorts—- Fraternal Polyandry and nonfraternal polyandry.

Fraternal polyandry

When several siblings share exactly the same wife the practice could be known as allelic or fraternal polyandry. This practice to be mate, actual or possibility to a person’s husband’s siblings is known as levirate. It’s prevalent among Toads.

 Non – fraternal polyandry

Within this type, the husband need have no close relationship before the marriage. The wife would go to spend time with every husband. As long as a lady lives and among her husband’s others don’t have any claim over her.


It’s a type of marriage by which one man marries one lady.It’s the most typical and acceptable type of marriage.

Serial monogamy

In lots of communities people are allowed to marry again frequently around the dying from the first spouse or after divorce however they cannot have several spouses at the same time.

 Straight monogamy:

Within this remarriage isn’t permitted.

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