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Top Trending Prewedding Shoot Ideas for 2019 – MUST WATCH!

Getting hitched soon? These Top Prewedding shoot Ideas for 2021 are a Must Watch for anyone planning a romantic couple shoot this year!

In this era of Instagram ruling our lives, you have 100’s of poses bookmarked everywhere… But where’s some photography inspiration when you need it!

So here we bring you our collection of the Best Pre wedding shoot ideas trending this year – watch, save & copy!

Prewedding shoot Idea #1 – Love, Laughter & Crazyness!

pre wedding poses

Let’s fly away together!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story

What’s life without your sense of humor! A picture capturing the magic of love with a pinch of humor or melodramatic poses are a must :p

 Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Your Guru for life!

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios 

You’re sure to go lol seeing these pictures even years later!

funny prewedding shoot

Let’s Hang Around Together!

Picture Courtesy: Slideshot Productions

Or simply hang around together for some cutely candid moments :p

#2 Pet Love!!!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Love & fluff!

Picture Courtesy: ombrebyhj

If your life is incomplete without them, your prewedding shoot isnt complete without them either!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

little fluff is such a great idea!

Picture Courtesy: portfoliostudioweddings at Location Camera Action

Why not include them in some cute as button clicks that you’ll cherish forever 😍

#3 Ishq wala Love… a la Bollywood ishtyle!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Radiant Red!

Picture Courtesy: coolbluezphotography

If you are a typical Bollywood style romantic couple, these mushy mushy cosy couple poses are a must for you!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Classic Love!

Picture Courtesy: prasadevrukhkar_photography

And sometimes, all you need to relive such intimate moments is a classic black and white capture.

#4 Yummy Love!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Something Yummy is Cooking!

Picture Courtesy: busybeestudio

Who doesn’t love to wine and dine together… But when you’re in love – its a great idea to get down & dirty together in the kitchen!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

That secret ingredient!

Picture Courtesy: Manish Photography at thepicturedestination

So its time to put on your cooking hats and whip up some love together😋

#5 Love is an Art!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Artsy & quirky!!

Picture Courtesy: theweddingframes

If you’re an artsy couple – add in a pop of colors, patterns and some out of box quirky ideas to put together your perfect shot!

Pre wedding poses

Under my Umbrella!

Picture Courtesy: Man With A Camera

Isn’t this supercute!!! Get creative and make your prewedding shoot reflect your own story in artistic style😘

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Library Love!

Picture Courtesy: busybeestudio

And this one’s specially for the bookworms among us – make some special arrangements and get clicked in a dusty library 😉

#6 Bold & Beautiful!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

You, me & nothing in between!

Picture Courtesy: reflexionbyns

Whether you’re keeping them to yourself or sharing with the whole wide world, you can’t miss out on capturing some steamy, hot and intimate pictures!

prewedding shoot ideas

Pure Love!

Picture Courtesy: ombrebyhj

Try something intense and sizzling that works for you as a couple!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Isn’t this surreal?

Picture Courtesy:

Or go for the rains.. cos there’s always something sexy about that!

#7 Cos Love makes you Fitter!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Healthy Couple!!!

Picture Courtesy:  The Cheesecake Project

When you count his push ups and he counts your calories, wouldn’t this be perfect Photoshoot idea!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Backdrop which is Sporty!

Picture Courtesy: samsaraphotography

Tennis team or football fanatics? It’s time to get your sport in the picture👟

#8 Beach Love!

prewedding shoot ideas

Sizzling Waters!

Picture Courtesy: ombrebyhj

For all you beach buffs out there, keep it simple, romantic and stunning – enjoy a candle lit evening by the sea as you capture your favorite memories!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Light up your Love!

Picture Courtesy: mikevisuals

Cos there’s something about the setting sun, sands, sea and a hammock that’s just perfect.. ain’t it!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

A Life of Togetherness!

Picture Courtesy: variousvisionventure

And a boat can provide just the backdrop you need for those quirky and artsy shots!

#9 Underwater Love!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Water babies in love!

Picture Courtesy: weddingnama

And if you really louuuuve water and want to do something exciting together – go underwater! You could go scuba diving or snorkeling together in the deep blue seas while getting captured.

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Aqua Love!!!

Picture Courtesy: bhushanbagadiapositives

Or simply propose to her under the water in your favourite swimming pool… Won’t that be quite the surprise to her!

#10 Monumental Love!

A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

If you’re thinking of a destination shoot, choose your point of love and climb up, down, or all around for that perfect picture together!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

In the city of love!

Picture Courtesy: rollingcanvassydney

And having something classic like The Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal stand testimony to your love, is always a good idea!

#11 Magical Love!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

The Meeting of Souls!

Picture Courtesy: photriyavenky

Love is Magical… well, its true! So why not use technology to bring out how you feel!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

The Study of Love!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions13

Find the right depiction for your love story and make it come alive. Feel like you’ve got wings..? That’s what this shot should capture!

#12 In the Wilderness!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Endless sky & silent conversations!

Picture Courtesy: Lucylaucht

Imagine, you – him and sheer nothingness but natural beauty for miles around. Isn’t it such a cosy, romantic setting for those peaceful, silent conversations and moments of love that must be captured forever!

A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

Or try resisting a stunning waterfall in the middle of nowhere – yes thats’s the perfect backdrop to your sizzling shot!

#13 Swinging away!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Swinging away!

Picture Courtesy:

The right props like a simple swing by the sea or a good old cycle in the middle of the woods can add such charm to your pictures!

 Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Feeling Blue!

Picture Courtesy: pixdeamor

Or take a sheer blanket or curtain to play peek a boo for a glimpse of your love!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Peaceful moments!!

Picture Courtesy: reflexionbyns

#14 That First Kiss!

We all remember the rush of that very first kiss, don’t we!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

You and Me!

Picture Courtesy: cinewireweddings

All you need is to get back to the right ambiance and same setting to recreate your favorite peck and get it frozen forever 😘

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Icy Blue!!!

Picture Courtesy: sagarparmar5461

Dreaming of being together forever among snow clad mountains? Plan your destination shoot in Simla or Nainital this winter and make your dreams come true!

prewedding shoot ideas

Cool Couple!

Picture Courtesy: Nitin Arora Photography

There you go! This is our selection of some of the best prewedding shoot ideas trending this season – let us know which you like the most in comments below. And then sit down with your sweetheart, show him what you like, discuss with your photographer and go click, click , click!

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