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Are Pre-Honeymoons The Latest Wedding Trend?

My husband and I did not go on a honeymoon. We had a wedding and the remaining money we had went to the house we had purchased months before. Going home was our honeymoon.

While it isn’t everything, after all, I’ve got him and a lifetime of memories to make with him; I have always wished we got to go on a magical trip during the giddy “we just got married” phase. I’d like to think that one day, we will. We will pack our bags and head for a romantic getaway. I’m pretty sure the kids will be with us too and maybe their grandparents to help watch them so we can get a little us time in, but you never know.

While post-wedding honeymoons are quite common, so common in fact, that there are even honeymoon registries, another notion that perhaps isn’t too farfetched is the pre-wedding honeymoon. I first read about this on The Huffington Post. My initial thought was with all that tends to be on a bride’s mind before the wedding, getting away would be no easy feat. How could one travel when there are last minute i’s that need dotting and t’s that need crossing. Then I realized that some couples hire wedding planners to avoid dotting and crossing all together.

There is also the possibility that after months of planning and feeling a bit stressed out that a getaway, even a small one, could be just what is needed to keep one from charting over into Bridezilla territory. The article notes that you don’t have to compromise your wedding budget or go someplace far to have a honeymoon before you say I-do. Even staying the night in a hotel can be a nice relaxing getaway. Taking a moment to unplug and unwind might result in a more relaxed bride and groom come the actual wedding day.

While the pre-honeymoon might not be for everyone it is definitely worth engaging in some dialogue over. Particularly if the entire wedding planning process has been stressful and even anxiety-inducing. However, for those who have experienced bliss during the pre-wedding stage, saving the money for a more traditional honeymoon might be the way to go

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